The "I DX" 3 Element Portable Yagi for 2m 
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When I started using 2m for activating SOTA summits, I found getting contacts difficult using just the short flexible whip “Rubber Duck” antenna. So I was on the lookout for a simple gain antenna suitable for portable use.

I used a design based on an article in the ARRL handbook 1998/9.  I use a plumbers overflow pipe which comes in 21.5mm X 2m from a local DIY store (B & Q) for the boom.

For the elements, I used three 6mm X 1m hollow aluminium rods also from the same store.

The reflector should be 40" - you can add a stub of aluminium rod to make this length up if you wish, I just ignored it, and left it at the 1m length as it came.

Connect coax directly to end of driven elements.  I used a small bolt through the end and attached short insulated wires to the bolt.  At the other ends I attached spade connectors to enable quick and easy connection to coax.  Keep the wires short, otherwise this could affect the SWR.  Banana plugs can be used to connect the wire as these fit the aluminium rods perfectly. 

18.2" from the reflector, I attached an "omega" shaped plastic pipe holder designed for this pipe to allow a fishing rod (G3CWI's ideal) or pole to go through this holder to support the yagi.

Placed over the top of the fishing rod, it comes to rest conveniently three quarters of the way up below the apex of my dipole.  I use vertical polarisation, as most contacts I make are on 2m FM.

Using the antenna vertically only allows only one stopper or connection of the elements to hold the element halfway through the boom without the need to fix both sides.  I use a cable tack with the nail removed, which happens to be 6mm and snaps onto the element, which I then glue and secure with a piece of electrical tape. For the + side of the driven element I just clip on one and temporarily hold in place with tape again.

The completed yagi weighs only about ˝ pound, the elements can be packed inside the boom which can then fit into a rucksack or attached to the outside.

Hope this works as well for you as it does for me.  Please Email for further info if required. Struggling to make the 4 QSO’s will be a thing of the past, but don't quote me on that hi!!

Roger Dallimore  MW0IDX  K3IDX       February 2003      

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