Simple Dipole Antenna for 2m
by MW0IDX  January 2003

During cold winter conditions in the mountains I wanted an antenna that was
even simpler than my 3 element yagi for 2m and quicker to set up.
Maplins sell a 6 section extending telescopic aerial which  conveniently extends to 19 inches, code JM10L @ £2.99 each which can be used to make a simple dipole.
Better still, Sandpiper http://www.sandpiperaerials.co.uk/ have a lighter ready
made dipole available. All you need to do is to measure the correct dipole length
when extending the telescoping elements.

Using a short length of plastic overflow pipe two holes are made at one end of the pipe where the two telescopic aerials are inserted in opposite directions.

At the base of these aerials are threaded holes to which coax braid and the centre wire can be held in place with screws and then soldered. Epoxy can then be used to seal and hold aerials and coax in place. The coax can conveniently be routed through the pipe.
The telescopic aerials can also be used as the elements with the "IDX" beam for quick deployment.

 This simple dipole gave a much improved performance over a "rubber duck" antenna!

Dipole in action on Tryfan NW-006 15th Feb 03